Business consulting with an experienced consumer products executive

Consulting Methodology & Path Forward

Step One: We’ll start the process by executing a mutual NDA, ensuring privacy and that the client and SDJ Global Consulting are comfortable being fully transparent during the Initial Consultation.

Step Two: An initial one-hour phone or video conference consultation will help understand the client’s exact needs. 

We will break this initial hour into three parts: an initial download from the client to define their needs, a question-and-answer session to clarify expectations and outcomes, and an initial framework of a scope of work outline.

Step Three: SDJ Global Consulting will take one week to lay out a full scope of work and define all resources and assets required to complete the project.

Step Four: Together, we will review the fully developed Scope of work with the client, align expectations and outcomes, and define exact deliverables.  

Step Five: Required adjustments will be made and presented. Hourly and Project Rates will be defined. We will agree upon the estimated cost and timeline for completion of the project, and the client will determine if they want to move forward with the project. Finally, we will execute the initial contract.

At SDJ Global Consulting, We Start With A Consumer-First Mindset.  

What gives your company the right to be in the business or offer a specific product category?

Why has your company chosen the specific product or business path it finds itself on, and why do consumers care?

What is your company or product’s reason to exist, and how do you successfully deliver that message to your targeted end consumer?

What solution does your product offer, and is there a group of consumers that both matter and care?

How does your company deliver the message for your product’s solution, ensuring it excites, captures, and offers the targeted consumer to you to win at the end of the consumer path to purchase?

Does your product deliver a 5 Star Consumer Experience to the end consumer that delights and delivers that consumer into your brand fold going forward?