Business consulting with an experienced consumer products executive

Why has your company chosen the specific product or business path it finds itself on and why does anyone care?

What is your company or product’s reason to exist and how do you successfully deliver that message to your targeted end consumer?  

What need or solution does your product offer and is there a group of consumers out there that can offer an economy of scale that both matter and care?

How does your company deliver the message for your solution so that it excites, captures and delivers the targeted consumer to you at the end of the path to purchase?

During my extensive career in consumer products, I have often found myself asking these same questions of the companies I have worked for. Today’s consumers have less loyalty, are motivated less than ever by established brands, and have more information, at the point of sale, allowing for the fastest, most efficient and educated purchase decisions in the history of the U.S. marketplace.  

Thanks to these complexities, big data and digital analytics rule the day in assisting companies in the development and implementation of a product or brand go to market strategy. Understanding how your consumer thinks collects information and ultimately makes decisions defines the reality of the current day consumer path to purchase. I can assist with researching, developing and implementation of a strategic vision that delivers sales growth and revenue results.

My extensive experience in leading sales and marketing organizations via sales management, financial management, accounting, product development, distribution channel management, marketing communications including advertising and promotion management, pricing, market research, supply chain management, and customer service allow for exceptionally strong insights. Strong financial and analytical abilities, result in creating significant brand equity within fast-growing organizations with the main focus on ROI.